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We are the “one stop shop” because we provide the Parkade Services that you require!
One of our Account Managers can inspect your property and customize the Preventative Maintenance Program specifically for your property. We will look at your drainage system maintenance needs including Vac Service & Hyrdo-jetting as well as any other requirements such as power washing, line painting, concrete sealant or concrete repair. This Maintenance Quote is extremely useful when planning your Property Maintenance Budget for the year -for your Council/Strata Members etc.

Call us today and for your Customized Maintenance Quote!


Vac Truck Service

A Vac truck or pumper truck is a service truck carrying a holding tank for the purposes of pumping liquids or solids into and out of holding tanks to remove dirt, debris and liquids accumulated.    The vac trucks in our fleet are built to handle a variety of jobs.    These jobs include and are not limited to removing wastes from sump pump pits, catch basins, filtration systems and grease traps.    To help in this removal, our units come equipped with 400 C.F.M.s of vacuum power.    Where height restrictions present a problem, such as in parkades, our low profile trucks can easily access them.    Once waste is collected, they are removed and disposed of according to regulatory guidelines in your area.


Pressure Washing

We have 2000 to 6000 p.s.i. washers ( hot or cold), for all your pressure washing needs.   Typical applications include removing grease stains from stalls, rinsing dust from walls and pipes, cleaning stair wells, and white wash restorations.  


Power Sweeping

Power Sweeping - We utilize a ride-on-sweeper with a 6 foot wide cleaning diameter for fast and efficient clean up of parking lot debris and dust. In conjunction, back-pack blowers are used for getting the hard to reach places like corners and along walls or pillars.


Concrete Floor Sealant

Concrete Floor Sealant is a protective coating applied to concrete floors.   The life expectancy of a concrete surface can be significantly extended with this protective coating.   Other advantages include: the prevention of cracks, resistance to algae growth, reduction of permanent stains, easy cleaning, prevention of dusting/chalking, and is aesthetically pleasing.  


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Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting is the use of high pressure water combined with specifically designed nozzles to remove the inner scaling of the drain lines to prevent scaling buildup in the drainage systems.


Hydro Jetting Hydro Jetting