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We are the “one stop shop” because we provide the Parkade Services that you require!
One of our Account Managers can inspect your property and customize the Preventative Maintenance Program specifically for your property. We will look at your drainage system maintenance needs including Vac Service & Hyrdo-jetting as well as any other requirements such as power washing, line painting, concrete sealant or concrete repair. This Maintenance Quote is extremely useful when planning your Property Maintenance Budget for the year -for your Council/Strata Members etc.

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Camera Pipe Inspection

Allows us to check the condition/cleanliness/blockage of inside pipes.  


We provide a USB recording of our findings to our customers to see exactly the condition & situation in the drainage system.


Specializing in underground infrastructure, pipeline and confined space inspection, Our camera pipe inspection service is the answer to a variety of challenging applications, including the inspection of sewer, water and storm water lines, catch basins, as well as manholes. But technological innovation and applications expertise are only part of the story as our customers depend on our professional service and support right to the end of the project.


Our customers are able to now maintain efficiently working sewer and drain systems with our cost efficient services. Turn to us for diagnostics, estimations, and repairs services.