Vacuum Truck
Vac Truck

Vacuum Truck Services

Our Vac trucks were designed to fit in the underground parkade with the lowest clearance height in-order to clean out all of the catch basins & trenches.

We offer Vac Truck services for the following:

• Sump & Catch Basin Cleaning
• Trench Ditch Cleaning
• Oil Water Separator Cleaning
• Storm & Sewer basin cleaning
• Elevator Pit cleaning

For effective and efficient removal, all our service vehicles come fully equipped with 400 cubic feet per minute (C.F.M.s) of vacuum power.

A sump pump is a pump used to remove water from a sump basin. The water may accumulate from drains, rain, and natural ground water, especially if the property is below the water table level. Especially important in any drainage system, sump pumps attempt to control the water table. Without a sump pump, the ground around the property can become unstable as a result of water saturation.

Maintaining sump pumps and basins is important. Since they are mechanical devices, and are used frequently (especially in rainy places like Vancouver), sump pumps will eventually wear down. Frequent inspections of the pumps ensure that your property will not flood or become damaged. Cleaning it out with a vac truck will remove the sand and debris that can damage the pump and will extend the life and efficiency of your sump pump.