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Ramos Holdings LTD. is committed to providing our customers with top quality service at competitive rates.

Since 2003, Ramos Holdings LTD. has specialized in providing parking lot maintenance which include Parkade services, vac truck services, power sweeping, power scrubbing, pressure washing, snow removal, cleaning, line painting and catch basin cleaning services in the greater Vancouver BC area.


Parkade Maintenance Services

  • RamosBullet   Vac Truck Services

    Reliable, affordable & friendly Vac Service - Low Boy Trucks for access into Parkades

  • RamosBullet   Hydro Jetting

    Hydro jetting drain lines clears away stickiness inside the pipes to prevent future problems.

  • RamosBullet   Camera Pipe Inspection

    Allows us to see inside the drainage system and determine where issues are.

  • RamosBullet   Concrete Crack Injection

    A permanent and waterproof solution for Concrete Crack issues




  • RamosBullet   Power Washing Services

    Freshen and clean your Parkade - make it look clean and feel safer

  • RamosBullet   Line Painting

    Paint new lines or refresh existing lines/symbols for clarity & safety

  • RamosBullet   Hydro Demolition

    Hydro Scarification - ultra high pressure water for removal of surface concrete


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